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Scripted Knots

A Knot On My Heart

A Knot On My Heart

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Ever been through so much but know it’s only the beginning of what’s to come? Should’ve let go of something, but held on like it was your hair stuck to gum?

Felt like at any minute you were going to unravel and just fall apart? But then you meet the “love of your life”, and thank God for His beautiful work of art.

Everything seems to be looking up now and all you can do is smile. It’s that feeling of happiness that you haven’t felt in a while.

You start to appreciate life a little better and become grateful for the things you took for granted. Then BOOM, out of nowhere you’re being thrown left and right, and you no longer feel like your feet are planted.

Then you start to question yourself and wonder why is this happening to me? I was walking down the right path, Lord, how could this be?

The love of your life becomes a painful memory, your friends become enemies, and instead of running to your family you just give them a blank stare. Now you’re feeling lost, alone, and confused, yes, I’ve been there.

This poem book will send you through a roller coaster of emotions, but you’ll understand what A Knot On My Heart feels like. It’s like holding on to a rope, not knowing whether to make it tighter, looser, or just let it go and putting your heart on strike.
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