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Scripted Knots

Knot Today

Knot Today

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With high school starting, her mom gone, and her best friend not being right beside her, Sabree has to learn how to put her anxiety aside and step into her own light. The first few weeks of school were better than expected until she realized that not everyone you become friends with is your true friend. Without her best friend there, she is forced to stand up for herself. Trouble seems to follow her as she attempts to separate herself from a toxic friend, trying to make new ones and constant reminders of what happened to her mom just months ago. Will Sabree have what it takes to face her problems or knot today?

Book Bundle: The book bundle includes a paperback copy of Knot Today, a Knot Today Sticker and a Knot Today Keychain. Use the sticker as a bookmark, or stick it onto your favorite notebook. Hook the keychain onto your set of keys. Enjoy this page turner book. Suitable for ages 13 and up. 

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